Office Kicks of the Day…and Possibly Year

A Different Kind of Birthday

For her birthday this year, our Annick Hernandez is once again swapping out personal presents for shared ones. We liked her note so much that we wanted to share it.

I’m about to turn a year older. And, this time, I’m actually wiser. I learned that 800 million people on this planet still don’t have access to clean drinking water, and I’m doing something about it.

This year, I’m giving up my birthday for charity: water.

Instead of giving me presents, or writing on my Facebook wall, please donate $23 for my 23rd birthday, and help me bring clean water to people in need.

Go to my campaign to donate:

What’s really cool is that 100% of the money we raise will directly fund water project costs in the field, and charity: water will prove every single dollar. When the project we help fund is complete, they’ll send us a digital completion report with GPS coordinates and photos of the community we helped. Here’s an example.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than by giving the gift of clean water to people in need. Please join me.

Thank you for your support! Annick

P.S. Read this story from charity: water to learn how clean water changes lives.


GG: 1 Grinch: 0

Are You Our Next Senior Producer for Broadcast Production?

Read below to see if this position is the right chance for you to join our awesome team. Please send a link to your work and a resume to


The Senior Producer should be highly passionate for crafting and telling stories, as well as motivating all involved with the project to achieve the most creative and effective end result for the agency and it’s Clients. Keeping up to date with the latest news, products, strategies, technologies, best practices, and trends in production / marketing, is second nature. You believe that production is as much of an art as a science. You don’t just complete the work, you make the work better because of your involvement. You have a strong knowledge of production platforms and technologies, a robust knowledge of vendor partners, and the drive to create best in class production experiences.

You’ll ideate and consult with internal and integrated teams to develop the right solution. And you’ll advise and guide teams you work with, from inception to launch. Your ability to help drive, manage and execute work in tight timelines, while fostering cross-team collaboration, will set you apart from the field.


Supervise all broadcast jobs: television, videos, radio and internet content that consist of videos/animations to the highest creative standards, on time and on budget.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

- To advise and guide creative teams from the concept stage of creative through the final execution.

- Remain current with all trends and technologies and uncover new resources. To be fully aware of the work of all production sources.

- Must be able to work productively and harmoniously not only with the agency personnel assigned, but with our clients and vendors.

- Screen and review reels of directors, editors, animation, and motion graphic houses, sound engineers, and music companies.

- Bidding and negotiation of productions.

- Understanding and reviewing the AICP and EICP forms.

- Generating estimates (budgets)

- Presenting budgets (internal & external: to both clients and cost consultants)

- Create production schedules – Directs the logistical flow of production through pre-production meetings, casting, shooting, recording, editing, music, color correction, versioning and final client approval.

- Initiation of payment of invoices by generating requisitions to Business Affairs.

- Working as a liaison between agency and vendors throughout the production process.

- Keep all the necessary departments informed on progress.

- Responsible for obtaining all necessary talent releases, contracts and directing all talent information to the Business Manager.

- Closely monitor the expenditures throughout the production process to ensure that any overages are addressed before they happen.

- Creating a comprehensive completion report to catalog all pertinent information of the entire production.

- Responsible for wrapping job internally for production files, talent necessities, budget & job closure’s, estimate versus actual reports.

Primary Skills and Abilities:

- Must be organized, creative, and decisive.

- Overall knowledge of film and to some extent digital production.  Must keep abreast of industry prices, trends, and personnel capabilities.

- Bi-lingual in Spanish/English.

- Ideal candidates will have a demonstrated history of senior production at an agency, ideally working on major consumer brands.

Education and Experience:

At least 5 to 7 years of proven experience as a senior producer (at an agency).

Bachelor’s degree is normally required, but previous experience is more important.

Step Inside Our Office

Check out our new Google Maps tour…you won’t be the same afterwards.

sneak peek:

Toshiba Team Heads South

Our Toshiba crew recently headed to South America to participate in a roadshow for Toshiba’s new product line. They also shared our first campaign together: Toshi.

The team was pretty excited about their successful trip and decided to share a few photos from it.

Hard at work with our fantastic client.


In Peru, they were introduced to “Coy,” a delicious traditional Peruvian dish (no Toshis were hurt in the making of Coy).


As usual, the gravitational pull of clubs was too much for Luis to resist and he ended up playing at one of the top clubs in Chile.


What happened when the team found themselves needing an office on the go? The resourceful group created their own…even in bathrooms, or as Luis says, in the “toilet.”


Now that they’re back, all we can do is hope that they won’t be stingy with their Pisco sourvenirs. Sharing is caring.

Miss Lady G in Paris

Our Art Director Gwen Echenagucia is one talented artist. Recently, some of her work was chosen by Diesel for their latest project “Show me the artwork.” Part of Diesel’s Reboot campaign, this effort showcases art from around the globe in a giant mural that covers the outer walls of Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Along with many other artists, Gwen submitted her work through tumblr with the #DieselReboot tag. Two of her pieces were chosen (in focus below) and are currently displayed on Parisian walls. For more info on the project, please visit:
Called “Miss Lady G Designs,” Gwen’s unique art is a recent undertaking for her but has already received some attention. She shares some thoughts on its origination and inspiration.
When did you start doing this artwork?
Summer of 2012

What was the inspiration for it?
I made a deal with a buddy of mine to design a skateboard deck for each other. I knew I didn’t want it to look like most skateboards, so I decided to experiment with hand burning… even though I knew nothing about it. Actually the name Miss Lady G comes from my buddy’s nickname for me. I thought it was appropriate since this all got started with him.

How long does the creation process take? (specifically for the wooden boards)
About 2-3 weeks. This includes researching references for the designs, illustrating it, and transferring and burning onto the actual deck (this hand burning process is called pyrography). Some designs additionally have finishing touches like wood staining and gloss. The laser-engraved ones take about this long too since most of my time actually goes to the illustration and design of the piece. Timing also depends on the amount of detail I decide on for the piece: whether laser or hand-burning works better for the design. Laser is way more precise so it works best when the pieces have tiny details that the pyrograph can’t get. Still, even if its lasered, I’m completely involved in finalizing the look of the deck.

Did you teach yourself how to do pyrography?
Yes. It works like a pen in a way but takes practice and mistakes to figure out. Skateboard decks are made of very compact wood and have some sort of coating that makes it tough for the stains and metallic paints to take. Soft woods are way easier to burn and stain. So, it took some playing around to figure out those little obstacles.

Where do you get your ideas for the different pieces?
All my designs are inspired on things that mean something to me, “life philosophies” or “inspiration” you might say. So there’s a very personal touch and a lot of heart in all of these pieces. I hope you enjoy! Peace, love, and art :)
To see more of Gwen’s art, you can visit:

Jailhouse Rock

You know your team is in sync when…

Google Glass invades today’s Strategy meeting. Our Carlos Allende is becoming agency-renowned for his Glass tutorials.

The Rijksmuseum in Holland uniquely attracts visitors by bringing the 1642 Rembrandt painting, ”Night Watch,” to life.